St John of Beverley Catholic Primary School

A Catholic Voluntary Academy, part of the St Margaret Clitherow Trust in the Diocese of Middlesbrough

Vision & Aims

Every school needs to have a clear set of aims and ethos in order to pursue excellence.


Below you will find an outline of ours which will show you the educational model that we strive for.


Every child is made in the image and likeness of God, of equal value and worthy of deep respect.  We recognise, through worship, the liturgy and all aspects of learning and teaching, that every member of the school brings his or her own special gifts and talents to our community.  We encourage children to use these to take ownership of their learning and to develop.  Our key aim is to provide them with the skills to access lifelong learning.

At St John of Beverley we are committed to:


Creating an environment in which children will come to live in accordance with Christ's values and teachings through love of God and love for one another.


Providing rich and varied learning opportunities that will enable the children to grow as individuals and as members of the community of St John of Beverley School so as to prepare them to become active, responsible citizens in a democratic society.


Nurturing and fostering the unique gifts and talents of every child to enable them to achieve their potential academically and in all areas of their lives.


Acknowledging the important role that adults play in school in the learning procress and the need to support parents in the education of their children.