St John of Beverley Catholic Primary School

A Catholic Voluntary Academy, part of the St Margaret Clitherow Trust in the Diocese of Middlesbrough



The role of the Governors

The primary duty of a school governor is to support the work of the head teacher and staff in raising educational standards and achievement. Governors are involved in many aspects of school life. They help sustain the Catholic ethos and identity of the school and provide a link with the parish and local community.

Members of the governing body include members of the parish, parents of pupils, school staff and representatives of the wider community. The governors are responsible for:

Ensuring statutory requirements are met (both diocesan and government)

Setting strategic direction

Ensuring accountability

Monitoring and evaluating school performance

The governing body must also act as “a critical friend” to the head teacher who is responsible for the day to day management of the school.

The governing body meets three times a year to discuss general business. Committees are appointed from the members of the governing body and these meet separately throughout the year.

To contact the Chair of Governors please ring the school office on 01482 882487 or the  Clerk to the Governors on 01482 392442.

Governing Body Membership

Role Governor Office Ends Special Links  
Foundation Mrs Pat Du Boulay 31.1.22

Governing Body Chair

Educational Visits

Leadership and Management

Chair of Curriculum Standards Committee

Chair of Performance Review Committee

Committees:  Curriculum Standards, Finance and General Purposes, Performance Review, Personnel

Foundation Vacancy


Foundation Mrs Maureen Mulligan 24.10.22

Sports Premium

Committees: Finance and General Purposes, Personnel

Foundation Mrs Amanda Moyse 21.5.22

Governing Body Vice Chair

Chair of Finance Committee

Finance, Health & Safety

Committees:  Finance and General Purposes, Curriculum Standards, Personnel

Foundation Dr Sara Hopkins 24.10.22

Geography, History, Year 6

Committees: Curriculum Standards

Foundation Mrs Joanne Green 22.11.22

Safeguarding, Child Protection, Health & Well Being, Literacy

Committees: Curriculum Standards

Foundation Vacancy  



Foundation Canon Grant 13.4.20

Committees:  Curriculum Standards

Parent Mrs Sara Atkinson 9.4.21

Pupil Premium, Science, ICT, Assessment

Committees: Curriculum Standards, Performance Review, Finance and General Purposes, Personnel

Parent Mrs Michelle Glansfield  13.12.19


Committees: Curriculum Standards

Staff Mrs Angela Nicholl  

Voting Head

Committees: Curriculum Standards, Finance and General Purposes, Personnel, Performance Reivew



Governors Responsibilities and Committee Groups - updated October 2017

Governor Committee Structure Report - January 2017

Governor Attendance at Meetings


Governor Meeting Dates:  2019/20

Full Governing Body Meetings:

13 November 2019 - 6.00 p.m. 

10 March 2020 - 4.30 p.m.

8 July 2020 - 6.00 p.m.

Curriculum Standards Sub Committee


Finance/Personnel Sub Committee










Other Education




with other


or Staff

Pat Du Boulay None None None None
Amanda Moyse None None None None
Joanne Green None None None None
Sarah Hopkins None None None None
Sara Atkinson None None None None
Maureen Mulligan None None None None
Angela Nicholl None None None None
Michelle Glansfield None None None None


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