St John of Beverley Catholic Primary School

A Catholic Voluntary Academy, part of the St Margaret Clitherow Trust in the Diocese of Middlesbrough

Behaviour and Discipline

St John of Beverley is committed to providing a calm, secure and happy environment for the children in our care.  Our Behaviour Policy was developed to reflect our positive approach. 


We are proud of the high standards of behaviour demonstrated by our children and we enjoy very good support from our parents if there are concerns about a child's behaviour.  Children are encouraged to think about their behaviour and make good choices, and our strong moral guidance promotes positive attitudes, respect and peaceful co-existence.  Expectations of behaviour are clear to pupils, as are the consequences of misbehaviour.  Good behaviour (and other achievement) is reinforced with praise and systems of reward.  An appropriate curriculum, high expectations from staff and full parental involvement are key elements at St John of Beverley that help maintain high standards of behaviour.


Our behaviour policy ensures that the highest standards of behaviour and self discipline are encouraged at all times whether it is in the classroom, the playground, or on a school trip.  The school asks parents to support this to allow every child to gain the most from their school day.

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